Roseville Montessori Family Math Night Workshop

Roseville Montessori Family Math Night Workshop

Report on the October 16, 2014..This, first of many workshops scheduled on the American Montessori  Elementary calendar, offered parents a tremendous opportunity to engage in their children’s educational journey and to fully understand the process of  Montessori instruction in the area of mathematics.

The math workshop was hosted by American Montessori Elementary, and  presented by American Montessori Elementary Master Teacher Ms. Teci  Jarnagin, and Nautilus Montessori School Preschool & Kindergarten Master Teacher Ms. Ronnie Binczewski, M.E.d, AMS.

The evening opened with the introduction to activities in the classroom that  foster O.C.C.I. (Order, Coordination, Concentration, & Independence). With  this method of instruction, young learners ages 3-6 use sensory repetition to  prepare their cognitive abilities in preparation for more advanced academic applications, ages 6-9 years old. The night’s observers were then led through the magic of the Montessori  math scope & sequence from Pre-K through Upper Elementary. In both, presentations and discussions, topics addressed the interwoven  connectedness of algebra and geometry.

Hands-on math exercises and learning tools were introduced, demonstrated  and explored. Adult minds were opened with visual, auditory, and concrete  methods of presentation, connecting them to the wonders that their Montessori instructed children experience on a daily basis.

What, perhaps, was most impressive was the passion and excitement  exhibited by the presenters; clear to all was both teachers’ genuine  belief in the Montessori philosophy of education and its impact on student  achievement. Parents and guests were soon caught up in the fervor and just  as anxious as their children to get their hands on the learning activities and tools.