“Never let a child risk failure, until he or she has a reasonable chance of success.” M. MONTESSORI

The well prepared Montessori environment delivers an abundance of hands on materials to deepen comprehension and understanding. The small teacher to student ratio allows for individual and small group instruction. AME advocates a flexible classroom delivery, allowing students to explore subject information in depth without interruption. Self discipline is a natural and helpful virtue of the well – developed personality. Guidance and discipline are clear and constant in the Montessori classroom. The goal is to maximize the growth and development of each child, to protect individuals within the group, and to maintain a calm classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

If classroom equipment is to be challenging enough to provoke a learning response, it must be properly matched to the standard that an individual child has already developed in past experience. This experience is so varied that the most satisfying choice can usually be made only by the child himself. The Montessori classroom offers the child the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of graded materials. The child can grow as his interests lead him from one level of complexity to another. Having children grades in first through third together permits younger children a graded series of models for imitation, and permits the older ones an opportunity to reinforce their own knowledge.


• Research and creative writing.
• An interactive approach to the four mathematical
operations including geometry.
• The treasures of history and literature.
• Culture through historical study and appreciation
of the arts, music and theater.
• Foreign language (Spanish Immersion).
• The value of physical education coached by experienced Cross Fitness trainers.

Exceed State standards

  • All students Reading and Math skills at or above grade level
  • 3rd graders scored above grade level on Nationally recognized Stanford Achievement Testing (SAT 10)

Integrated Spanish immersion program that emphasizes reading, writing, and conversational skill

  • Base curriculum provided by Sombrero Time
  • 45 minutes, 4 days a week
  • Spanish integrated into our curriculum and spoken throughout the day
  • Taught by enthusiastic Native Spanish speaker
  • Taught with minimal to no translating

Familiarity with the treasures of history, literature, music, and art delivered by previous civilizations

Creative and persuasive writing and research

Interactive approach to:  geometry, clock, money, measurement, cubing and squaring of numbers, fractions, abstract math, and the four mathematical operations

Regular trips to the downtown Roseville Public Library

Cultural exposure at Roseville Theater Arts Academy

Art instruction

Integrated CrossFit Kids PE program

Extracurricular Activities (some are fee based options)

  • Apple Hill Field Trip
  • Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm Field Trip
  • Holiday Party
  • St. Patrick’s Day Gold Hunt
  • Mother’s  Day Tea
  • Easter Toy Hunt
  • State/Country Faire

Optional Activities (fee based) – may add more options based on children’s and parents’ interests

  • Suzuki Violin lessons
  • Junior FIRST LEGO League