AME Admissions


Now enrolling for the 2016-2017 school year

Limited Enrollment – 34 maximum students

Applications accepted starting Jan. 17

  • Enrollment determined by when application is received and by an assessment by Teci Jarnagin
  • AMA alum priority enrollment ends on Feb. 15

AME Admissions Application

Download the fall 2016 admissions application below and become part of our program. Enrollment is limited and priority is given based on when the completed application packet is received.

Adobe_150_PDF_IconAME 2016 Application

Admission Guidelines

Admission will depend on our head teacher’s assessment of the ability of the child to benefit from the program.

Children and parents may be asked to meet with the head teacher before admission is finalized, as she determines admission for all students.


Eligibility for Admission

Admission priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Current students
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. Applicants with previous Montessori experience

Midterm Admissions

Classes are fully enrolled prior to the first day of the current school year or within the first 30 days after the school year has begun.  As a general rule, AME does not allow midterm enrollment.  On rare occasion, there may be situations in which mid-term enrollment is allowed based on the specific needs of the child as assessed by the teacher, as well as careful consideration of the impact to the existing students.  This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is the sole discretion of AME.

When an opening occurs, an applicant drawn from the waiting list may be admitted to facilitate class balance.

Non-Discrimination Policy

AME’s non-discriminatory policy  affords equal opportunity to all students, members, employees and prospective students, members, and employees without regard to race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, national origin, or other criteria protected by law.

Tuition & Fees

AME depends on the timely payment of tuition and adheres to the late payment policy.

Financial Terms and Conditions are contained within the Enrollment Application. Initials and a signature are required on this agreement before admission is complete. Please read this agreement carefully and inquire with an AME Trustee or the AME Treasurer if you have questions.

The tuition rates for the American Montessori Elementary are established by the Board of Trustees after careful and thorough consideration of the school’s forecasted annual budget.

One of AME’s goals is to maintain tuition affordability. We continually benchmark against AMA and other private schools to ensure our program meets this goal.

For new students, the first membership installment must accompany a current application for enrollment.  All membership, yearly supply fees, and the first tuition installment are due before the first day of attendance.

A fee for supplies is assessed each year to offset the cost of teaching materials and consumables. This helps to keep the rise in tuition at a minimum.

Tuition Discounts

A tuition discount is given to every AME student who has an AME or AMA sibling. Additionally, a tuition discount is offered for those who pay in full by September 1, 2014. Discounts are not offered for the $1,000 membership fee or for the $300 supply fee. Each discount is $300, as outlined in the application for admission.